About April Sprinkles

About April Sprinkles:
The name came to me one day (probably when it was raining.) Growing up in Oregon we got our fair share of rain, especially in my birth month of April. You know how sometimes people say it's "sprinkling" out? That's where the inspiration comes from. There is not a shortage of sprinkles in April for me! It is much more fun to think of rain as sprinkles anyway.

A little more about me:
I'm a 20-something girl who likes to have fun and laugh at life. It seems like I have been crafting since the day I was born, thanks to my mom. She and the internet taught me everything I know. The crafts I like to do the most are knitting/crocheting, sewing, glue-gunning, and jewelry making. I'm not great at scrapbooking. (please don't ask me to prove it!) I'll dabble in the fine arts once in a while as well. I'm a huge geek and nerd and I enjoy lots of geeky/nerdy things. I'm not just saying that because I wear glasses. I am a fangirl when it comes to certain things, and those things will come out of the woodwork the more I write in this blog. However,this blog won't be limited to crafting and nerdiness. There will be plenty of in-between posts full of my personality and thoughts on life.

As far as my timeline goes, I'm the girl who went to community college and got her associate's right out of high school, but decided to follow her (now ex) boyfriend all across the US in search of adventure. I did that for about 5 years hopping from Oregon to California to North Carolina and repeat with one big cross-country road trip in between. Now I'm living with my parents in Washington. Being originally from Oregon, Washington is my new adventure for the time being. Single, unemployed, and looking for a new start. 

Thanks for stopping by! ♥ 
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