Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lists & Goals

I have a tendency to stay up late, especially when I find sites that give me lots of inspiration to do things with things that I already have. Well, tonight as I was browsing Burdastyle (this really awesome site for posting sewing projects and sharing patterns... oh and free patterns!) I got this great idea to start writing down all of the ideas for sewing projects I've had and that I want to accomplish by the end of the year. I've pretty much almost filled up an entire page. The thing about this list is that all of these things I can make right now if I wanted to because I have most of the supplies. I just need some kind of spark to get me going on any project. Lately I've been very lack-luster in the spark department for anything. This deployment sure has gotten to me. We're almost at the half-way point! Hurray! (cheering crowd in the background). Okay, okay, settle down. To me it's not that great, but somehow I suppose I'll slump through it. No, I know that's not the proper way of looking at it, but after a while it's hard to be peppy about another 5-7 month's separation.

Anyway, along with writing out this huge list of DIY sewing goals, I'll soon write up a list of crochet/knitting goals to accomplish because I gots me some Christmas presents to make! (with stuff I already have, of course). And in my head I've also made goals that I WILL do (thanks to help from another blogger, Jillian over at Iron & Sunshine who re-introduced me to the idea of affirming goals). I will do things to get myself closer to getting a job. I will make plans for my future.
I've been scared up until lately (though I am still scared), but I need to put myself out there and frankly "grow up". It's gonna be hard with a practically empty resume, but I am going to do my best! (I say practically because I have my AA degree which apparently means nothing if you don't have experience in anything. Who knew? hah....)

And I am going to finish these projects! Maybe a goal should be to finish 1 a week (if not more). We shall see.

In other news, the weight loss is still going well, and so is the anti-nail-biting. So I guess I deserve some kind of pat on the back for that, lol.:)

Thanks for reading
Hope everything is well with you guys
p.s. New readers, welcome! :D


  1. I'm so proud of you! Not only will you do these things, but you already are. You're taking control of your time with new projects and you're thinking positively about the job search. An AA degree is fantastic! Even my BA doesn't mean much these days. I think we're all on a level playing field. I tend to stay up late as well, but at least it leads to creativity! Keep it up girly :)

  2. First off, that site is so cool! Ah, I want my sewing machine here so badly! Hopefully, the Army will move my stuff out here. Fingers crossed. Next, yay for being at almost 50% that is awesome! I know it can get overwhelming though when you think about how long you still have to go. My deployment goals are slacking too. I have lost maybe 5 lbs, maybe. Ugh. And, it's so frustrating when you spend the time and money to get a degree and then it doesn't seem to help. But, I just tell myself that the people who didn't spend the time or money are struggling even more, or in the military. lol But, I have so much faith in us and we will rock at the rest of the deployment. Or at the very least survive. :)


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