Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Gifts 2011

I hope you all have been enjoying the holiday season and got what you wanted this year!

Here are the handmade presents my mom got from me:

April Sprinkles: Christmas Gifts 2011: Hooded Scarf

April Sprinkles: Christmas Gifts 2011: Photographer Mittens
The hooded scarf (knitting pattern from Ravelry for free here) and photographer mittens (knitting pattern also from Ravelry, also for free, and available here). The mittens have been heavily modified for my own convenience of doing them two at a time as well as making them into photographer mittens. (The original pattern is for regular mittens.)I added a button hole where I thought her finger would go.

And dad's present:
April Sprinkles: Christmas Gifts 2011: Everything Dad Frame
The poem is "Everything Dad" by Joanna Fuchs. If you can't read it by clicking on the picture here is what the poem reads:
Everything Dad
A little girl needs her daddy
To love her with manly charm,
To soothe her when she’s hurt,
And keep her safe from harm.
A girl needs her dad
To show her a man who’s good,
To help her make right choices,
As only a father could.
A woman needs her father
Just to be aware,
He’ll always be there for her
To sustain her and to care.
You’ve been all these things, Dad.
I hope that you can see
How much I treasure you;
You mean everything to me.
By Joanna Fuchs
I thought it was appropriate :) My dad loves getting handmade gifts from me.

Anyway, the story behind this little gem is that I messed up the first version I did. It looked so simple too! :( I tried this tutorial on the Matsutake blog hoping that it would work awesome! Transferring words to a frame making it super customized and therefor super special?? I'm in! But somewhere along the lines, I messed up and it didn't work as well as the tutorial deemed it to be. I did it front and back, both with the same results. Probably because I was impatient and the mod podge was drying too fast... who knows. Anyway, I didn't do it right. So I ended up having to buy an entirely new frame on Christmas eve (and see all my friends at work, lol) and put this little gem together in time for Christmas day. I used this youtube tutorial on how to print on tissue paper, and then mod podged it to a frame that I had painted. Simple enough? I had to wait for all that paint and glue to dry! But I think Dad still likes it :)

These are the presents I got for myself for working so hard at Michael's! Helped that I got a big discount in Winter too ;)

April Sprinkles: Christmas Gifts 2011

And this, ladies, is what I've made recently (just for fun, on my last day of work because apparently THAT is when I get crafty, lol)
April Sprinkles: Chain Maile Bracelet
Besides random jewelry making like this, I'm going to be busy donating lots of my possessions and preparing myself for the move out East! I can't wait to see my marine again :) It has been a long year.

I hope you have all enjoyed the holiday season, I know I did!
April Sprinkles: Christmas Gifts 2011

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  1. I love the hooded scarf/mitten combo! Wish I knew how to knit ;)


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