Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy Pieces

Today I'm linking up with Chasing Happy and writing about my pieces of happy from this week

1.) I am happy to be blogging again even though it is a challenge. It's a challenge that I need to get me motivated!

2.) Every time I see my new blog name it makes me feel so incredibly happy! 

3.) I got a birthday package from a bestie who I haven't talked to in a while because of life. It was nice to know she's still thinking of me and it definitely was a great opener for us to start catching up again.

4.) The marine took me out to dinner Wednesday for my birthday. We went to Tarpy's Roadhouse which sounds kinda dorky, but is actually pretty semi-fancy. The chili-crusted chicken I had was delicious both as dinner and as leftovers the next day.

5.) Ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins... and the leftovers.
6.) Flowers from my parents and the card they sent me! It was a Hello Kitty card with a "candle" that lights up when you open the card. You blow on it and the light goes out and it sings you a song! Probably one of the best cards I've ever gotten.
7.) The card from my grandparents, especially this part: "Sept we will be married 65 yrs, and Happy living on the same place. We are thankful for our years together."

8.) Alex's presents for me that came in the mail today! He got me two new Threadless T-shirts making my collection a total of 7. I am a lucky girl :)
The dino one is my favorite!

9.) I'm happy that the meatloaf I made tonight turned out great despite the fact that I was missing several ingredients and I used a couple of new ones. It was an experiment gone horribly right!

10.) I almost forgot about the new couch we ordered that was delivered this week! We had been sitting on a broken futon for a year because we were sort of broke and also too lazy to go out and look for a new one. The new couch is the best couch we could have asked for... and on sale. Another plus!

11.) Being absolutely blessed for the wonderful people in my life and their support. ♥

The great thing about this link-up is, even if you start off with just one thing you can think of that's good for the week, many more will follow. I probably could have put ten more in there if I kept going at it.

So do any of you have something happy to share? Join me in the link up! :) Or maybe next week.

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