Friday, May 3, 2013

Some Adorable Amigurumis I've made

Unless you are friends with me on Ravelry, or follow me on Flickr, you wouldn't know just how many little amigurumis (Crochet or knitted stuffed toys that my spelling corrector would rather have me call "fumigators") I've made over the past few years. Many I haven't shared on here and I thought it was time to change that since I'm really proud of them.

First we have: Brain Slug

April Sprinkles: Brain Slug amigurumi
Pattern on Hooks and Needles

This guy is my favorite! I have been watching Futurama from the beginning and it's still one of my favorite shows. The marine and I quote it on a daily basis "for no raisin"! (10 points to you if you know what I'm talking about!)

Next up: Cthulhu
April Sprinkles: Cthulhu amigurumi
Pattern on Instructables
AKA the Elder God. I don't know that much more about him, but one of my friends does! Funny thing is sometimes I make presents like this for my friends on a whim. I ended up giving this to her on my birthday three years ago.

Same goes for this little panda ball that I gave to another friend before I moved to NC for the first time, for possibly no reason.

April Sprinkles: Panda Ball Amigurumi from Lion Brand Yarn
Pattern on Lion Brand

Or maybe because it was her birthday... hmm
Either way, cute!

Then there's this penguin that I had promised to my friend (who loves penguins) for years and finally gave to her:

April Sprinkles: Baby Penguin amigurumi

...Without taking a picture myself! Can you believe that? That almost never happens. You might not be able to tell but he is full of adorableness. Except that the fun fur yarn from Lion Brand is a PAIN IN MY ASS. I love him because he's so cute, but have bad memories of NOT KNOWING WHERE MY STITCHES WERE. Crocheters, you know what I'm talking about.

But for some reason I decided to take it up again and used the leftovers to make this furry rock!

April Sprinkles: Tribble amigurumi

I mean Tribble!
You can read about her here.
No accounts of multiplying... yet. Life form is possibly deceased. 

I know it might not seem like that many, but amigurumis are little feats of engineering that I'm still astonished I was able to create with just a hook and yarn. It boggles my mind.

BONUS: Lolrus! 

April Sprinkles: Lolrus Stuffed toy
 It has a buhket. :3 Don't know what a lolrus is? I've done the searching for you, enjoy.
This guy I sewed by hand out of craft felt and made up the pattern entirely out of my own head. I was really proud! Too bad he died a horrible death at the hands of my friend's cat :P haha.
R.I.P. stuffed Lolrus, you will be missed. 

Have you ever tried your hand at making a stuffed animal/toy? (Crochet or not.) Let me know how it turned out!

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  1. These are so cool! I never could get the hang of knitting or crocheting, so I'm pretty awestruck that anyone can make stuff like this. I really love the Brain Slug. I would definitely wear that!


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