Sunday, July 14, 2013

Another week in review with Pieces of Happy

So it hasn't been that much of a busy week, but some things have happened that I wanted to share! So I'm linking up again with Kenzie at Chasing Happy for her Pieces of happy link-up.

(I know I do a lot of these and not so much anything else, but that's mostly because I like to spend all my time with this little family!)

(p.s. I'm spending most of my social network time on Instagram and Twitter!They're the easiest to play around with on my phone. So if you want more from me, or want to see things first, I'd suggest you follow me! I usually follow back too.)

1.) I guess the first thing would be that right after I wrote my last post for the Pieces of Happy link-up we went out and bought a Wii U at the PX! I'd never played on one before, so it was pretty awesome. I love my hot pink controller! (Alex surprised me with it! And no one has to fight me for it, because they don't want it.... hah!)

April Sprinkles Wii Remotes

After that I decided to celebrate our Mario victory by baking a Yoshi chicken pot pie.

Yoshi Chicken Pot Pie by April Sprinkles

2.) I started (trying) to teach the kiddo how to crochet. We've gotten so far as chains, so while she chains, I crochet little outfits for her stuffed animals to keep her motivated.

Blue bear dress crochet by April Sprinkles

So she made the chain necklace and I made the dress from this pattern.
She has made two chain necklaces so far! I am so proud of her :) Going to try teaching her single crochet soon. I hope she's up for it!

3.) We play outside enough, but finally our apartment's pool opened up so we were able to have some fun in the sun and swim!

I got a horrible sunburn though because I put my sunblock on too hastily and forgot to re-apply it. Oh well, I will pay the consequences, but it won't stop me from going in again, especially now that we have these adorable floaties!

April Sprinkles Polka Dot Floatie
We got matching rafts from Target
4.) Yesterday I finally faced the music and got my hair cut! I found a place that was cheap with good reviews and I was not disappointed! It still looks good day two!

Kelsey @ April Sprinkles

5.) Finally, the last thing I have to mention is ALONE TIME! You don't really realize how much you valued it before (even though I spent the whole day, every day, alone before the kiddo came to visit) until it's GONE! But I have gotten enough of it this weekend to get me through the next week. (Even if it was just doing dishes while listening to Pandora radio, lol).

So what were your Pieces of Happy?


  1. I love everything about t his post!!! I've been miss your posts! And surprisingly I havent been on instagram since I got my new phone. I'm shocked I've lasted this long without checking it. Anyway, um...a pink controller? Where do I find this? I want one! I'm loving the outfit...cutest stuffed animal! Can I come join you at the pool? We had so much rain in June that our pool isnt even ok to swim in yet. Its been sad. The sunburn...gosh. Went to the beach last week....brutal sunburn for me :( It hurt to move my arms!!! Love your hair...I actually cut mine basically the same two weeks ago.

  2. Love the pink Wii controller , girly tempt gadget ;)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  3. I love your chicken pot pie, so cute :)

  4. You won the field, it's a girl's controller!

    Areeba @ Aree With Umbrella

  5. chicken pot pie would be #1 on my list if i could find it around here!! enjoy the weekend :D

  6. Hi Kelsey, I sent you an email last Thursday to let you know that you won the giveaway on my blog (The Bauble Dept.)! If you could get back to me asap that'd be great! Thanks!


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