Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I made bread today! :D

Soon this cute little loaf will go on to become a toast scarf! I'm so proud :)

April Sprinkles: I made toast!

Haha, but in all seriousness, this is what I've been working on. I crocheted all the slices yesterday and then added the crust today! Hopefully I will make all the butter squares tonight, and finish this baby by Friday!

The pattern is from Twinkie Chan's book which you can find on Amazon
If you don't know who Twinkie Chan is, let me tell you, she's AWESOME! Check her out


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! The crocheted toast is so cute!!!! I've never seen that before, you are really good!!!! I am currently working on a blanket. So excited to see more of your wonderful creations.

  2. Thanks so much!! :) The toast was actually really easy to make! And the directions were very easy to follow. Twinkie Chan makes the cutest food crocheted things!
    Good luck with your blanket! :D

  3. Wow! That came out great!! Did you use the recommended yarns or substitute. I'm from the UK and I'm still wondering if I should spend the extra cash ordering the recommended yarn from the US or if I should just choose a more local brand! I suppose spending the extra money would make it turn out nicer.........!

    xoxo Yasmine


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