Monday, August 8, 2011

I heart the coast: photography post

On Saturday, my mom and I went to the coast (Bandon/Coos Bay, Oregon area). It was the first time at the beach since moving back home, and yes, I still wanted to go even after watching shark week! lol. (Not like I got in the water anyway...) We were lucky enough to catch it on a gorgeous (although windy) day. Being there reminded me that there's a huge difference between West coast and East coast beaches.
mom took this one :)
For example, we hardly have any shells/rocks where the land meets the sea. It's crazy how many I would find when I lived in Jacksonville, NC. We also have a lot more cliffs and less beaches than they do on the East coast.
While we were there we visited my favorite place, Shore Acres! It's a botanical garden right near the ocean. That place is so gorgeous and always has the best scenery. Lucky for me three of my favorite flowers were in bloom
And Daisies!
I cannot express in words how happy I was to see this giant patch of daisies outside of the botanical garden. I. was. in. HEAVEN! (p.s. I made the collages using Picnik)
Sunset (I guess it would have been nice to match up the horizons, lol)
We stayed way too late, and didn't get home till around 11 pm, but other than that it was an amazing day :)
I'll be adding a few more pictures to my Flickr, if you are interested.

Thanks for looking!

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