Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Doctor, Jane Austen, and some rogue sharks

Geek time: That's right! I'm a Doctor Who fanatic! I got a Netflix free trial that ends in 4 days and pretty much all I've been watching has been the Doctor Who series. I started from the newer editions and worked my way down to the most recent then back... in time! (Funny how things happen like that with the Doctor...) I still have 14 "movies" of the old series to finish, and I don't think I'll have time... lol. My first (and favorite) Doctor was Tennant, but I love and appreciate all the other ones I've seen so far (Doctors 1-3, and 9-11). Funny thing is I don't even like Science Fiction, but for some reason this Doctor got me interested in it. Also I love most things the BBC comes out with, another thing I gained from the Marine's family ;)

At the same time I finished reading my 5th Jane Austen book, Persuasion. Like with most J.A. books, it starts off rather boring, but the ending makes it all worthwhile :) I really enjoyed it and it might even be my second favorite book of hers! (Pride and Prejudice will always be #1) I still have a couple more to read, I got them free on the Kindle app for PC (a very sweet and free deal!). Then maybe after I finish her books I will move on to all the Agatha Christie books I got at While Away Books (local bookstore where you can buy, sell and trade books and also get a delicious coffee). I'm pretty excited for a good murder mystery! Thanks again to the Doctor for giving me the idea, of course, because he met her in one of the episodes.

And this week I've been experiencing something new: Shark week on Discovery channel! I've heard of it before and all, but like most "popular things" I scoff at them and wait till the last second when they're no longer popular to jump on the band-wagon. I guess that makes me the opposite of a hipster? "I liked it after it was cool" lol. Anyway, what I've watched has been pretty terrifying, but very thought-provoking and interesting to learn about.Though they still haven't taught me what to do in case of shark attack... I was kinda hoping they would instead of just convincing me never to wear yellow in the ocean.

The final thing that I would like to add is that I went thrifting with my mom a couple days last week and got a handful of deals that I'm pretty excited about! I only wish I were more diligent in taking pictures when I get them, lol. Anyway, if I can come up with pictures I might start doing a "Thrifty Thursday" along with my plans to do a "Flashback Friday" here on my blog. But who knows, crafting and blogging might take a back seat if I end up getting employed in the next month or so (we'll see how that goes)

I think that about wraps it up :) The new button for my blog will be posted {hopefully} soon!
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  1. Lol ! love me some Doctor Who! I wish there was last season on Netflix!


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