Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thrifting and other musings

I've never been one to buy name brand things. I was born and raised Goodwill, and I'm completely proud of it. I will never be a person who will want to live above their means, but I am still learning how to budget my spending. I've been looking around on Lejeune Yardsales (which, if you don't know, is like Craigslist only a little different.) and it boggles my mind what people try to sell on there. Dollar items, really? I understand that in this town, and especially with military families, you need every dollar. But what if someone wants just one thing that's like $1 or 50 cents? What's the point in inviting them over to your house or meeting them somewhere? Seems like a waste of gas to me. Gas itself costs more than the item does. Why not just donate it or have a garage sale? Anyways, I love goodwill/second-hand shopping and contrary to "popular" belief, you can find awesome things there. They may need some fixing to make them perfect, but that's how things are at first-hand stores too. It might seem weird wearing "some other person's clothes", but if the quality of the garment is good, that feeling can be eased simply by washing it. I wish more people donated to second hand stores/shopped there. Personally I haven't seen many good ones around here, but maybe I haven't explored enough. In Oregon we would always travel up to Eugene and find really awesome Goodwill's/Salvation Army's/St. Vincent DePaul's/Etc. I miss that! I miss being able to go to a second hand store and finding a crapload of stuff and not paying an arm and a leg for it or traveling all over just to hunt something down. Maybe I just flat-out miss Oregon, that could be it too, lol.

In other news, I've been knitting my fingers off for charity! So far I've got 19 baby hats made and will be sending them off to my mom in a week or so once I've made a few more. I sure hope they will brighten some parents' day and keep a baby warm/adorable for a while. I wish I could see the babies wearing them, but I guess that's part of donating to charity. You don't always see where your hard work goes. I'll be sure to post pictures later :)

So if any of you reading this are from Jacksonville, NC (and like second hand stores) are there any that you would recommend? I've been to a couple. My favorite is Finders Keepers :) Shop to stop domestic violence!

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  1. I always donate clothes to Goodwill, SalVal, Red Cross, etc. Someone else could use it more than I am. It shocked me to see how many clothes my husband had from years ago that he never wore or his mom just kept in his closet. What a waste! Needless to say, I donated a bunch of stuff.

    That being said, it is a great feeling to go to a second hand or thrift store and find an awesome piece. I recently went to a second hand store and bought and awesome shirt for like 5 bucks. I've worn it twice and everyone wonders where I got it :-P


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