Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Welcome to April Sprinkles!

You may notice some changes around here, and that's because I finally found the name and identity of blog I was looking for!

I needed an identity that fit me better. I still appreciate all the support and help that the milso blogs I followed gave me, but I do not want to be a milso blogger anymore. (Well maybe just a tiny bit, but that's it!) To be honest, I was tired of everything feeling like it was about my marine, when really I just want to express myself.

"Crafty Camo Lover" didn't cut it.

I'm naming it April Sprinkles because I come from Oregon where I grew up with lots and lots of rain. Also, because I was born in April and there are always sprinkles involved with birthdays! Rain=sprinkles. When that idea came into my head something just clicked and I was filled with inspiration.

It took me about a year to finally figure it out and here I am again! It has been too long, and I didn't mean for it to be. I'm hoping that this fresh start will give me the boost I need to really get my life in order. Up until (and even) now I feel like things need to change. CCL helped get me through one tough time, and here is another that April Sprinkles will hopefully help me through.

A lot (and also a lot of nothing) has happened since I was last here.
I've moved back to the West (best) coast, I've been to Disney World and Universal Orlando for the first time in my entire life, and I've traveled road-trip style cross-country. (Not in that order, lol) But there was a whole year in between of practically nothing except for random knitting and some kids crafts.

I've gone back and removed several posts that I just wasn't interested in anymore. Mostly they're the "What's your song?" posts, photography challenges, and some other ones. I've also gone back and changed pictures and made them look better in the blog overall. Personally, I am so excited about the blog reboot! I have a lot of new networking skills to learn and a lot of blogs to follow-up on. I also have a handful of projects in mind to share, though there won't be any set blog schedule... yet.

In other news, today is also my birthday and I am excited to start a new year of life! 

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  1. Yay! I didn't realize you had a new blog! I'm so with you. I love all the other milso bloggers but I wanted my blog to not just be about milso life. I love your new look and name. And, happy birthday!


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