Friday, June 28, 2013

Silly me...

So with all this talk about Google Reader shutting down (Oh I'm sure this is the 100th or more post you've seen about it. My Bloglovin feed has been full of them too!) I started getting a little freaked out and had a few questions.

When I first found out I immediately got bloglovin' because I thought that would make everything better, and really it has. I still was under the impression that even after doing that there would be some blogs I would miss out on because Google Reader was shutting down (Oh noes! The Reader apocalypse!)

And then I realized that Google Reader isn't Google Friend Connect and that in fact I had not been using it at all this whole entire time. I've actually been using Blogger's reader. Then I felt silly for freaking out so much (which wasn't all that much, really) preparing for the internet apocalypse because the two things that I was using are not in fact going away at all. Hooray! Sometimes, you guys, posting about things like Reader shutting down can confuse inexperienced amateur bloggers like me. You really shouldn't do that. :P

I still use GFC but I mostly use Bloglovin now, because it's great!
Still on the fence? I'm sending peer pressure your way! haha

I know I'm not the only one! Was anyone else confused too?

Anyway, this weekend we're going to pick up a very special little lady. As some of you may know, the marine has a daughter I used to call lil'A. Well, lil'A is now almost as tall as I am... not so little anymore, lol. Since she's outgrowing clothes, it seems she's outgrowing nicknames too so from now on she'll be known as the Kiddo! I won't be posting any pictures of her for her own privacy, but if I ever get time to blog while we're spending time together this summer, there will probably be some posts about the stuff we'll be doing/making!

On that note, I had planned on writing a handful of posts to fill in some gaps, but time got away from me and here I am with a bunch of half-written posts. I didn't get many of the crafts I wanted to do done before she got here either, but who knows how things will go! I might get time to write and craft for myself after all. I'll still try to keep up with my blogroll, but forgive me in advance for my absence!

Oh and what else?
I started using twitter again. So uh, tweet me?


  1. Everyone is apparently confused about Google Reader vs. GFC. All the pots about it, I've basically ignored. I put off getting Bloglovin' for awhile but now have it. I dont use the reader either...I use blogger dashboard which is the one connected to GFC. Oh well, I guess we'll see :) Have a wonderful weekend

  2. I love Bloglovin'. Its so much easier to keep track of what you read and haven't read.

    -Krystal PS. Stopping by from Grab A Friend!

  3. I use both of them, it's more easy :)

    I will follow you through BL anyway! can't wait to read more of you're storys..

    Love, The mind of an exchange


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