Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I heart Animals!

This refashion was from way back in 2010! I'll probably be doing a lot of flashbacks this month because we'll be having a visitor with us and I will be kept very busy for the most part. :)

Here's what I started off with:

The raglan was thrifted and the "I love Animals" shirt was from Hot Topic.

Maybe you can't tell, but that tee in the background was way too big on me.
Let me give you the whole picture...

See? And the Animals tee was too small, so somewhere in-between both of these shirts would be perfect

All I did was resize the raglan by the pinch-and-pin method, cut out the animals design in a rectangle, and applique it to the front with a zig-zag stitch! So easy, and it's still one of my favorite refashions. (Probably because that animal print is just so darn cute!)

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  1. Ha! It looks perfectly like one shirt. Such a creative idea. I'm dying over the animals...way too cute! I never thought of combining shirts that are too big and small. And well you're just beautiful all the time :)

  2. That looks awesome! The finished animal shirt is too cute :)

  3. oooo love this!!!! Love the meaning, but also the crafty party :-)

  4. Wow so crafty! I love baseball tees and the animal print is just adorable!



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