Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My first craft fair! -with ShoesOnYourHead Crochet

Last weekend my friend Courtney from ShoesOnYourHead Crochet and I did a craft fair together at the Elk's lodge near her home. I had a lot of fun and met some really awesome people. Here are the pictures from the event!

April Sprinkles blog: Craft fair with ShoesOnYourHead

My mom and I did a lot of Goodwill Outlet shopping to make this display happen. We got the wooden crates, the curtain fabric for the table, some paper towel holders for showing off hats, plus the awesome spinning display for the hair clips there. I already had the hat rack, so it came in handy when showing off the scarves I had made/remade. I also hand-drew the sign (except for her cute little owl!)

So lets meet my partner in craft, shall we? :D

April Sprinkles blog: Craft fair with ShoesOnYourHead

Meet Courtney!

She's been my best friend since 10th grade (so quite a long time.) She's been crocheting even longer and has had her own crochet business for a few years now. She really got me interested in making things for myself from the beginning and has since been coming up with lots of new ways of making crochet cool again!

Her main focus of work is sports team hats, but also makes some other amazing hats and accessories. If you're interested you should really check out her facebook page and see what you could order from her. The possibilities are endless! She is always open to making things special for you, so don't hesitate to ask! Her hats make great custom gifts. I ended up buying that red flower hairband from her because it's adorable.

Seriously though, look at the hat she's wearing. It's a Seattle Mariner Moose hat! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! I was calling her my moose all day, lol.

So what all did I contribute to the craft fair, you ask?

April Sprinkles blog: Craft fair with ShoesOnYourHead

Here are my awesome flower hair clips/pins! I made them using sparkle Bon Bons by Lion Brand Yarn and salvaged jewels from the Goodwill. They were fairly popular, especially once I put them on "super sale" 2 for $10. Neither of the pumpkins sold though, so that was pretty sad. I might just end up wearing them for Halloween.

April Sprinkles blog: Craft fair with ShoesOnYourHead

Then I also made/re-made some scarves. I say re-made because some of them were from the Goodwill also and I sewed them to make circle/infinity scarves or did something else to them to make them better. I did this because I wasn't sure I would have enough product to sell at this show on my own and not enough time to make all of those scarves. The pink at the bottom is actually a hooded cowl that Courtney made. I was really happy at the end though, the rainbow scarf pictured was sold to a girl with blue hair! How awesome is that? I also made two bow earwarmers that you can see in the top right.

April Sprinkles blog: Craft fair with ShoesOnYourHead

Overall it was a pretty good day, despite the fact that we didn't sell that much. It was a small event so that's understandable. As of yet we don't know if we'll be doing another craft fair or not. We both have jobs to find and things to do. I spent my earnings and more at the booths there, and I was not disappointed in any of the purchases I made. I even won some body butter from another booth!

I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures as much as I enjoyed putting together the display and showing off :)

April Sprinkles blog: Craft fair with ShoesOnYourHead


  1. Eeek! How fun and exciting! I would love to do a craft fair sometime. I love all your stuff! And your friend has amazing stuff too!

  2. looks lovely :)



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