Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Liebster Award X2!

If I haven't mentioned this already, I joined a group on Google+ called Female Geek Bloggers, and since then I keep finding more and more awesome bloggers to follow every day!

Two of these awesome bloggers, Joie Fatale from Confessions of a Book Pimp and Kelly from Apockylypse, happened to have given me two Liebster awards recently! Yay! I am definitely feeling the love and can't thank either of you two enough! :) Be sure to check out their blogs! They're two of my very favorites.

So what is a Liebster award? The last time I got one I didn't have to answer questions, but things have changed since then! Basically you answer questions given to you by the person who nominated you and then pass it on to more people! Pretty simple, eh? It's a great way for both small and large blogs to spread the love across the blogosphere! Now I've got 10 questions to answer, 5 questions to ask, and 5 people to nominate, so let's get started!

Here are the questions from Joie:

1). Why did you start blogging, and what have you learned so far?
I blogged a lot in high school, but of course that was mostly about boys and junk.
I started blogging about other (more important) things 3 years ago under the name Crafty Camo Lover, because I wanted something to motivate me during my then boyfriend's deployment and to share my crafts. Last year I changed the name to April Sprinkles as a better way of expressing myself and my creativity. 
In that time I've learned a quite a bit about being a good blogger. You have to put a lot of effort into content, design, and being a good bloggy friend. If you want to make money or be popular you have to put even more effort into it. I think the most important thing I've learned so far is that there's always more that I can learn, and you can never stop improving and expanding yourself as a blogger if you put your heart into it.
2). Describe your blog in 5 words, or, write a haiku about your blog (5-7-5 syllables)?
Crafty, cute, geeky, thrifty, thoughtful
3). What is your favorite song that perfectly describes your life? AND What is your favorite lyric from that song?
Oh my gosh! That's a lot of pressure to put on a song! lol. I think I'm gonna have to go with "Brick by Boring Brick" By Paramore. Favorite lyric: "keep your feet on the ground while your head's in the clouds."
Basically it's about how I need to grow up, because I do. I'll never stop believing in fairy tales though! 

4). You get to have lunch with three people: one historical (real), one fictional BOOK character, and one fictional film/TV character. Who are they, and, how do you think this melding of minds would go?
 I'm not sure if he counts as historical, but I'd love to have lunch with John Green! Book character would be Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. The third would, of course, be the Doctor! 
I think the whole scene would end up being me fangirling over John Green and he and I fangirling over the other two together. Something that I am perfectly okay with, by the way!

5). What is your favorite Manga/anime? If you don't have one, which one have you been interested in the most, but haven't seen?
In high school I was much more into anime/manga (I was even in Japanese club!), but now not so much. The ones I still like currently are Cowboy Bebop and Kiss Me Kill Me.
And the questions from Kelly:

1.) What is your favorite blogging moment?
I'd have to say my favorite blogging moment is finding the female geek bloggers group! When I was a milso blogger I never felt as welcomed or a part of a community as I do now. It's all I could have ever asked for. You girls are the best!

2.) Who is your biggest nerd/celebrity crush?
Oh gosh... I am having a hard time picking just one. Young Harrison Ford will always have a big chunk of my heart. I've had a crush on him since I was 8!

3.) If you could marathon watch only one show for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Futurama, hands down.

4.) What is your favorite book to re-read?
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

5.) If your life was a video game, which game would it be?
I like this one! But I don't play many games so TETRIS, haha! Constantly trying to organize and fit things together perfectly. Either that or it's a crappy game of Sims where nothing interesting happens, but time still goes at Sim speed. Also I'm a witch with blue hair. (Oh wait....)

My nominations for the award go to:
1.) Jessica at Down the Rabbit Hole
2.) Molly at The Princess and the Geek
3.) Selena at Reaperfox
4.) Rochelle at The Chic Geek
5.) Jasmine at Quirky and Curvy

And my questions for you lovelies to answer are:
1.) If you could dye your hair any color/colors without any negative affects (physical or society wise) what color(s) would you choose? If you're not interested in any particular color, what style would you try?
2.) What's your favorite one-liner from a movie or quote from a book?
3.) Light side or the dark side? Jedi or Sith? (Or any other good vs. evil references you care to use.) Which side would you be on?
4.) If you could have an unlimited supply of something, other than money, gold, or anything that can be traded for goods, what would it be?
5.) Favorite snack you probably shouldn't eat but do anyway because it's so delicious?

If you wanna be super awesome, go check out all the blogs I've talked about today! They're definitely worthy of your visit :)


  1. Love your answers!

    I understand the young Harrison Ford crush. Growing up I watched just about every one of his movies because my mom had a huge crush on him, which gave me reason to fall in love with him too.

  2. Thanks so much for this award! I don't normally follow the rules for blog awards (because I'm such a rebel) but I will answer your questions in my comment.

    1. I really want to dye my hair teal.
    2. "It's a trap!"
    3. Jedi for life!
    4. Nutella; that stuff is expensive
    5. ice cream

  3. No worries! :) Great answers! Teal would be a really fun hair color to have.

  4. Thanks! I think that's how it happened with me too! Except he was in a lot of action movies that my dad liked to watch so I just was used to seeing him in everything, lol.

  5. Awesome post!
    Yay! another liebster award for me too :D Your questions are awesome!!!

  6. Yay! Thank you! I can't wait to see your answers! :)

  7. I equate my mom's love for Harrison Ford to my love for Simon Pegg. If his name is in the credits, it was watched. No matter what type of movie it was. Haha!

  8. Eeep! Thanks for the Liebster award! Great questions! <3 Thanks for including me!

  9. You're so very welcome! You deserve it! :)

  10. Thanks so much, You are so sweet. I finally got around to answering. :) Post up on the blog now

  11. You're very welcome! I can't wait to see your answers :)

  12. You're welcome! No worries about the time. Welcome back! :)


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