Friday, April 25, 2014

My Geek space!

Ever since I saw Molly over at The Princess and The Geek's post about sharing her Geek Space, I knew I had to get in on this too! Go check hers out!

Show off your geek space #Geekspace: April Sprinkles

So here we go! Ready to see my Geek Space? It's my room!

April Sprinkles: Geek space: TARDIS and Hoth Poster
I figured I might as well get the big things out of the way first. Why yes, I do happen to have a TARDIS in my room! I won it from the store Fuego in a drawing a few months ago. I promise my Hoth poster isn't as crooked as it looks. (I hope.) I got that from the best comic and geekery shop in Pike Place Market. Oh, and yes I do have a heart-shaped head/food board! And it's awesome.

Now lets move on to my collections! 

April Sprinkles Geek Space

This shelf is my favorite! So many of my fandoms are represented. I still have yet to get anything for Supernatural though.

So we have a Pokeball/masterball from the Goodwill Outlet, Stormtrooper mouse and R2-D2 mug from Disney World, Small skull for Sherlock, Jurassic Park skeleton, 11th Doctor and Jack sparrow Lego dudes, Hamtaro, Rex from Toy-Story also found at the GWO, globe pencil sharpener, and Chocolate Frog box from Universal Orlando Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

April Sprinkles Geek Space

More dinos! You can pretty much assume that most of my dinosaurs are from the Goodwill Outlet. At one point I had more than 200. (Not kidding) Most of them ended up with my ex, sadly. I do still have a bunch in storage though. Also squirrel because I love them. Sushi cat was from my first trip to the Goodwill Outlet! Apparently I'm too lazy to put him up on my wall. The Jayne Cobb scratch art is from one of my artistic buddies. I love it! It fits in perfectly with my hat! Those Moon-shaped bottles are pretty boss too. I've had them for years. We hoard collect blue bottles sometimes.

April Sprinkles Geek Space

Did I mention I like Hello Kitty? Because if I didn't before it must be pretty obvious now. This isn't even all of it! I also like cupcakes and squirrels, lol. That way cool spider (the only time I will ever say that, by the way) I got from a vendor when I did my craft show!

..."Not my gumdrop button!"
Another great find from the GWO, lol.

April Sprinkles Geek Space

This is just part of my library. I wanted to focus on my favorite books instead of the crafty books that I have. This isn't called "my crafty space" after all! However, I am going to include my awesome little sewing buddies. Somewhat creepy, but still pretty entertaining to me! haha.

There are only a few books on this shelf that I haven't read yet, but I plan to! Oh goodness, so many favorites. (Jane Austen and John Green.) And there are even more books hidden behind these! I ran out of space...

And a few other miscellaneous bits of my room because reasons:
April Sprinkles Geek SpaceOn the left there are a couple of DIY's I've never shared. The silhouette is actually a DIY I came up with on my own! I'm sure I'll actually eventually come up with a tutorial for it. (Maybe.) Then of course my hand knit Jayne Cobb hat always on display, and wee little Hedwig!

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into the geeky parts of my room! I have a lot more all over, but my room is actually so small that it's been a challenge (I've been avoiding facing) trying to organize properly in order to show off all the awesome bits. I guess this sort of counts as somewhat of a "haul" from the Goodwill Outlet because I mentioned it so many times, lol. I just really love having weird odds and ends on display, especially if they're geeky!

I love seeing everyone's geek spaces, so if you have one of your own be sure to link up with The Princess and the Geek and share your own!

April Sprinkles Geek Space


  1. I LOVE IT!!! Thank you for sharing!! It was such a fun post to participate in! o=xo

  2. Love your room :) love the sewing stuff, you should definitely get something to represent Supernatural <3

  3. Thank you!! :) It was a lot of fun! I hope more people continue to share because I love seeing what others post too!

  4. Thanks so much! :D I definitely plan on it! I love that show.

  5. Definitely jealous of that Tardis!

    I would share my geek spaces, but we are in the midst of rearranging for a new set up (more cohesive for live streaming). So right now it looks more like a geek tornado hit our house. But I LOVE seeing everyone else's spaces!

  6. Love it! Need to take some pics of mine!
    And I NEED that T.A.R.D.I.S. though, I'm not sure where I could put it...

  7. I know the feeling! I'd love to see your geek space once you're all settled in though! I hope you'll post about it. :) I love seeing everyone's too! It's such a nice little peek into the lives behind neat bloggers.

  8. Yes definitely! I'd love to see your geek space too! The great thing about this T.A.R.D.I.S. is that it's nice and flat. I could probably even velcro it to the wall if I wanted to and it could hang anywhere. Where it is now makes for a great photography prop though. ;)

  9. Ohmygosh, my son would steal like half your stuff. Hello Kitty and R2D2 in the same place? Geek heaven.

  10. Well your son sounds like he has good taste! :)


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