Saturday, May 31, 2014

End of May Photo Roundup

1.) May the 4th Be with you, 2.) Sour Patch Kids, 3.) Duo monitors! Yay! 4.) My new Tee Fury Shirt, 5.) Spending the day in Edmonds, WA, 6.) Being crazy close to a train,7.) Completed cupcake scarf (Read about it here!) 8.) Marvelous new socks, 9.) Taking my old dog for a walk

Just a few things you've missed by not following me on Instagram


  1. I'm jealous of two things here for sure: the duo monitors and those socks! Looks like you had a happy May :)

  2. I need those socks!!! And I love your scarf! I have the Book too...just haven't made one yet lol

  3. Thanks Jessica! It wasn't bad :)

  4. These socks are my favorite! I haven't had crazy short socks since high school, haha. If you get the chance it's pretty fun... once you're done anyway haha!


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