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Influenster Venus® Snap with Embrace Review

Disclaimer: This post is a review of  the Gillette Venus Snap with Embrace. I received it free from Influenster for testing and review purposes. All thoughts and opinions shared on my blog or other social media about this product are my own.

Gillette Venus Snap with Embrace Review

You may have already seen them in stores, and had to do a double-take like I did to make sure your eyes weren't deceiving you. Yes, that is a full razor that's actually small and travel size! Most of the travel or disposable razors I've seen have the full-length handle, and I think that's such a waste personally. (Despite the fact that the whole disposable razor market is waste actually, but I digress...) Being an Influenster member means doing lots and lots of reviews, and sometimes to get points I'll be doing them on my blog. You have been warned! lol

Here is an overview of the Gillette Venus Snap with Embrace:

The razor and handle measure 3 inches in length. It has a comfy grip handle that is somewhat pliable. Like other Venus razor products, any shaving head can fit on this razor. The one that comes included with the Snap is Venus Embrace with 5 razors. It claims all you need to do is "wet the razor and go!" It comes in a compact clamshell container that includes holes on the bottom so that the razor can dry out after every use.

Gillette Venus Snap with Embrace Review

My thoughts:

I had tried a few Venus brand products before, but hadn't tried the Embrace shaving heads yet. Overall I like the brand, but there was a miss or two with their products, such as the Venus with Olay in Sugarberry that I got a huge pack of at Costco. I had to keep those out of the shower otherwise they would melt away much quicker than I wanted them to. They also claimed you just wet the razor and shave. I thought the Embrace shaving heads were fantastic for close shaving. However, I wouldn't suggest using only the shaving head unless you were desperate and properly moisturized afterwards. I shaved my left leg with just the wet razor and the right with shaving cream. On my sensitive skin I had a lot more shaving bumps on the left leg than on the right. Also, like most other Venus handles I feel like the head will pop off at any time because of where I hold it which is really close to the release.

Gillette Venus Snap with Embrace Review

Despite that, I think the size is perfect for me. I'm a little lady with small hands, and sometimes I feel like the regular handles on shavers are just a bit too big or too far away and I'm not doing the best job I could be doing. I love how squishy and comfortable the handle it is to hold! I agree with Gillette when they say that the size is perfect for travel. When I first moved to Washington from California I was making a lot of weekend trips down to Tacoma where my friends live. This would have been the perfect little travel buddy because fairly often I would forget my razor and/or my shaving cream. Now when I go traveling I can just throw it in my bag and go! The case might seem a bit bulky if you consider putting it in a purse, but for a gym bag or a weekend bag/carry-on it's perfect size. I also like that it cuts down on garbage because it uses shaving heads instead of throwing the whole unit away. I think with proper care this handle and case will last at least a year if not more.

Final review:

I would give this product an 8/10
I would recommend it to others with suggestions
I would purchase it again, especially the shaving heads

  • nice size
  • compact and portable- perfect for travel
  • comfortable handle
  • razor has 5 blades and offers a close shave, but I wouldn't recommend using it without shaving cream if you have sensitive skin like me.

p.s. Thanks for reading! Part of being an Influenster member means that I do reviews on the website as well as post them on my blog and other social media, so thanks for putting up with that! I also had fun playing around trying to get the text to match as closely to the brand's as I could. So that was fun practice for me anyway. We'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming soon!

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  1. I love the Venus shaving heads. I've only started using Venus when I got a razor in an Influenster VoxBox. I feel like they're pretty pricey, so I'm still not sure that I'd buy it when I run out of shaving heads. I think this razor would be so perfect for traveling!

  2. This sounds like a good buy for the gym/swim/water polo! It'll fit in the bag for those emergency hair problems! heehee!

  3. Emergency hair problems! Lol, that's the perfect way to describe it too. :)

  4. I have used them before too, and agree that they can be really pricey. But I guess quality right? It's awesome that someone came out with a short razor for travel! Took them long enough! :)


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