Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I had a really awesome chat with a couple of fantastic nerdy craft bloggers Melissa from Readerly Geek and Jenny from Magic Cat Jenny on Monday and thought I would share!

Basically: Nerdcrafting is awesome because we get to make things personalized to ourselves that we might not find in stores, we get to share that nerdy/crafty enthusiasm with others, and we get to have fun doing so!

I had a lot of fun, even if it was kind of weird being a moderator! I'll be moderating another Con-At-Home in a few weeks covering Sci-fi (because we all know how much I love that! look at what's behind me in the video! lol.)

Be sure to check out their Etsy shops too and favorite if you haven't already :)

Melissa's Cute Crochet: She makes really adorable crochet amigurumi that are geeky inspired from Star Wars to Doctor Who! And she even sells some of her patterns!

Nerdy Monsters by Jenny: She makes her signature "nerdy monsters" that all have their very own favorite fandoms they belong to, but she also has some other neat things for sale like bows and purses too!


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