Monday, June 30, 2014

June: The Month of Food Photography

I take a lot of pictures that often don't get posted here, and are instead posted on Instagram, which is usually what I post at the end of the month. This month however, I'm going to share with you some of the photos I've been taking of food I've eaten this past month and have neglected to share anywhere. This is a very exclusive set, not seen anywhere else!

Until after the cake was gone after my mom's birthday a little over a week ago it seemed like we weren't in short supply of treats around here. (Which is probably why I'm abstaining from now.) My dad surprised us with these gorgeous chocolate cups filled with mousse near the beginning of the month and I just had to photograph them. Then there was national doughnut day after that. I'd like to say I've been evening out all the sweets I've been eating with fruits, but that would just be a lie. (However I have been photographing them as well!)

Month of Food photography rounded up
Most of these photos can now be found in my Flickr Album: Food Photography
The bottom two donuts on the left are on my Instagram

As soon as I got my first camera with "macro" capabilities, I have been obsessed with capturing the up close and small world and capturing the little details. I was so happy to find out that my phone camera on the Galaxy SIII also was able to do macro too because of that. All of these were taken and edited on my phone! Some day I'd like to do a post about my favorite free editors that I use. These days I use Photoshop only when I need a heavy duty job done. Most of the time I just add a filter and whatever else needs tweaking on my phone. Simple as that!

I've been meaning to share more of my pictures but sometimes I feel more like keeping them to myself. Partly because once when I first started my instagram someone took my button picture and didn't give me credit. I'm sure there's no stopping anyone from taking any picture they want even if I think it's not the greatest picture ever, but the thought still worries me.

Along with all these food photographs I've been taking, I have a whole bunch more of flowers in macro that I haven't shared either. 

If you're a photographer, what is your favorite thing to photograph?
Do you have a favorite editing program?

April Sprinkles

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  1. Recently I've been using VSCOcam and whitagram a lot (iPhone 5s user) and I find that my phone camera and apps do the job when I want to capture the moment!

    You're photographs look amazing, especially those donuts

  2. Oh my.. that doughnut on the bottom right... looks... so... good! I like taking pictures of flowers and my nieces! They are always fun to photograph because they are not embarrassed or shy to act a little silly :) I use Photoshop to edit my photos. I dont take pics on my phone because it's so old... I'm hopefully getting a new one, then I'll try and download some free editing apps onto it!


  3. That's my favorite too! Gotta love the sprinkles ;)
    Once you see all the apps and what they can do, you'll have a lot of fun! But Photoshop is always a fun option too. There are tons of tutorials out there.

  4. Thank you! :) I like VSCOcam too! I just discovered it recently and it has a lot of handy filters for everyday editing.

  5. Great photos! It's really impressive that they were shot with your phone! I have a hard time using both my phone and my "big" camera, as I've come to call it. Phone is so much easier but it makes me feel like a lazy photographer (downside of majoring in photography, eh?)

    I use lightroom for my editing and occasionally use photoshop. :)


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