Thursday, July 3, 2014

Latest Thrifting Haul

Thrifting Thursday at April Sprinkles
(Thrifting Thursday is not officially a thing yet, but it could be!)

My mom and I have been doing a lot of thrift store shopping lately and I've picked up a few neat things. (Don't worry, I'm getting rid of just about as much as I got!) We mainly hit up Goodwill and Value Village. We got a lot of half-off and discounted items, because the last day of the month at VV everything apparel and accessories were on sale. I'm happy to report mom will be perfectly set for summer weather, and I'm content to have some new pieces in my wardrobe.

So let's check out the loot, shall we?

Mens refashioned shirt by Supayana thrifted for less than $3 (April Sprinkles)

This shirt is awesome! It's from Canadian designer Supayana and is a refashioned mens shirt new with tags! It also happens to fit me perfectly. The original store price was $15, goodwill had it marked for around $5.50 and it was half off! The belt wasn't marked, and I think it was full-price for around $6. This shirt alone is probably one of the coolest things I've ever found on a thrifting trip. I love refashions, and this one is really, really well-done.

I found these boots next:

Black heeled boots thrifted for just over $3 (April Sprinkles)

Originally $5.50 half off! They look brand new too!

A couple of sweaters and necklaces:

Sweaters and necklaces thrifted (April Sprinkles)

You know how I love to rock a lot of polka-dots! That one is actually a cardigan. I don't remember all the prices on these, but the only one that was half-off was the dark grey jeweled sweater. It ended up being around $2.50.

Now for so much awesomeness you might puke rainbows after seeing (but probably not):

I love all of these things! Where do I even begin. A seashell purse for whenever I decide to be a mermaid. (Oh, it's going to happen.) A really fun and basic pink lace dress. A Caboodles container with holographic stars and a nice little organizer. A new, and tiny, wallet. A CUPCAKE SHIRT. I mean, COME ON. It's perfect! New with tags too. And possibly my new prescription glasses?

Here's what they look like on my face:

@Craftylilkels on Instagram (April Sprinkles)

I'm not 100% set on them, but for $1.99, It's fun to at least try them out.

This all was just on one day too! On another day I got this awesome Toy Story shirt for around $5 and these funny hipster glasses that will come in handy when I dress like a hipster princess one of these days. (Because that's happening.)

Toy Story Shirt and Hipster Glasses on April Sprinkles

I also got a really fantastic black lace moto jacket (not pictured because I didn't have forethought, but just take my word for it. It's crazy neat.) Oh and sorry-not-sorry for the selfies. (hah!)

I had a lot of fun updating my wardrobe these past few days, and so has my mom!
Have you found anything TOTALLY AWESOME while thrifting lately? Let me know in the comments! Lets share our thrifting finds!
If you haven't, what has been one of your most favorite thrift store finds ever?

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  1. Awesome finds! I find a lot of NWT stuff at my Goodwill, too. But that seashell purse = <3 !!!

  2. I love going to Goodwill, you never know what goodies you will find... I went a few weeks ago and found 2 shirts and 5 dresses and spent $12 on everything!!!!!!! I think my favorite thing you found is the cupcake shirt! So cute and totally perfect for you :)


  3. Thanks! It just needs the chain changed and it will be perfect! I love it :)

  4. That's awesome! There are times when I haven't been able to find much when I thrift, but then other times I go and I find heaploads! Thanks Jessica! :)

  5. Great finds.

    That seas shell purse is soooo cute!! Everything with seqins is awesome

  6. Whoa. You made out like a bandit! That first shirt is gorgeous.

  7. Cardigans are so rare here too! I was surprised to find the polka-dot one. Most of them are usually too small/big or have a pattern I'm not fond of. Keep up the search though! Maybe you'll find some one day :)


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