Monday, August 18, 2014

Part of that world

Surprise! I dyed my hair red! That is something I've been wanting to do for a while now, and like with most things I do in life I suddenly just did it out of the blue. I love the color and I'm very happy letting my Scottish roots show through. (youseewhatIdidthere?) I know it's not that much of a change from how my hair was normally, and I'm okay with that. This is my first time dying my hair EVER and it was an experience I'm not afraid to have again! (Maybe some other shade of red, hmmm?)

Then a few days ago I got some awesome green skinny jeans and before sunset decided to take some pictures of me Disneybounding as Princess Ariel! I even found the perfect location. Here is the result:

Keep in mind that I am not in fact a fashion blogger, but dinglehoppers are all the rage as far as I've heard. 

I also have this great Ariel necklace saved up from my childhood!

*insert shell clutch purse from this post into left hand*

I have always wanted to Disneybound, but I never thought I'd have the right clothing options to choose from. I think I might try and do it more often now.

Have you ever disneybounded, casual cosplayed, or everyday cosplayed? Let me know in the comments!

And as always,


Speaking of princesses....

Anna! We match!

I met some great Anna and Elsa cosplayers who were at my local farmer's market supporting a children's charity called Holly House. The one dressed as Elsa made the costumes herself all the way down to her shoes! (Which, by the way, they were fantastic! And Anna was a whovian! Totally random, but great experience. We couldn't help but stock up on delicious fruit and berries while we were there! Yum yum!


  1. Adorable outfit! Aren't you a cutie patootie.

  2. those outfits of Anna and Elsa are amazing, can't believe she made them all herself! Love your new hair and your outfit is so cute!!


  3. Thank you so much, Mariko! <3 You're very sweet! :D

  4. I was really impressed when I found that out! They were a huge hit with the kids too. And thank you! <3

  5. It looks awesome :) as someone who doesn't even 100% remember their natural colour (i think it was brown once) you will get the hang of it. just go with what you are comfortable with. <3

  6. That hair color looks fabulous on you (Scottish roots represent, yo)! And, I am loving the Ariel cosplay!

  7. Very cute and love that hair color on you! Bottle redheads, represent!

  8. LOVE the outfit! And I love the red!

  9. Thank you, Jasmine! I don't think I'll ever go back. I'm way too happy being a redhead now :)

  10. I love the outfit! Super cute!

  11. Thank you! It's a lot of fun! I've been trying to come up with many more to Disneybound as. It's funny what you'll find once you start putting outfits together! :)

  12. Thank you, Anna! <3 I think the fork pic is one of my favorites too! haha


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