Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Great Northwest Dress- Men's shirt refashion

Here is the finished dress! :) You may remember me mentioning it from my previous post here.
Before we go any further, this is what I started with:

Yes, that's really how 12 yr old me left it
Here's the back story: My dad gave me this shirt 10 or more years ago. And I jumped right in to try
and reconstruct it into a duster. Do you remember those? Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen wore them... lol. ANYWAY, I didn't do a very good job, and I gave up right after doing this to it (see first before picture). Wow it looked bad!

But I came across it in my stash a few days ago thinking it had some potential. (I know right? How on Earth have I kept something in my stash for that long! I have a couple pairs of pants in there too, surprisingly.) Thanks to the new skills I learned from making Lil A's princess dress I was able to transform this pile of scrap into something functional, comfortable, warm, and freaking awesome! :D This dress will be perfect for fall here in Oregon.

I even added a few special touches to the finished product :)

The Great Northwest Dress Refashion: April Sprinkles
The Great Northwest Dress Refashion: April Sprinkles
The Great Northwest Dress Refashion: April Sprinkles

Everything is from the original shirt except for the tag, that's from an old Tee and sharpie. The belt was from Fred Meyers. The heart was cut from fabric that I had cut off from what I'm assuming is the sleeves. I have no idea what 12 year old me was thinking! It's actually covering up a very obvious flaw that couldn't be avoided which is that the pleat originally in the middle of the shirt is about an inch off from where it should be. But it's still my favorite part :) My mom says it should be my "signature" from now on, haha.

I am so proud of what I've accomplished :) Hoping I will make many more shirt reconstructions in the near future :)

Thanks for reading! ♥  

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Crafting does in fact help time go by faster :) 3 days went by without hearing from my Marine and I didn't even notice! Still haven't gotten that package though :(


  1. It turned out so awesome! I just spelled awesome wrong two times because I was just so excited about it! haha

  2. Thank you, Jane! :D Your comment made me smile, lol.

  3. Wow! I wish I could do things like that. :)


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