Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A lovely set for a knitter/crocheter

Now that the recipient has gotten her package, I can finally show you what I've been working on lately! I made this nice little matching set for one of my relatives to help keep her organized with her knitting and crocheting. She picked out the fabric and sent it to me. All of this was made with 5 fat quarters! And there's still a bit left over. I'm very proud with what I've accomplished, and I think that I might have to upgrade my own needle roll! Quick note: the size of the first two roll-ups on the left is not accurate. They are folded down and I took the picture before sending it off.
So, on to the specifics (from left to right).

Knitting needle roll:

 I used lupinbunny: knitting needle roll tutorial. as the basis for my idea, but I changed a lot. Firstly, I rotated the fabric so that it was wider than it was tall. (If that makes sense?) I didn't line any of the pockets or do interfacing or anything. It's just a simple design and I used the picture in the tutorial and the dimensions included as my inspiration.
There are three levels. The top is for straight needles (as pictured) They fit up to size 13/14 in one pocket. Hers are mostly the size of the smaller needles pictured, so that flap on the top will be hanging over much more than it does with mine. The middle row is for double-pointed needles, or whatever else she can fit in there. Then finally the bottom row is for circular needles, etc. They are the size of two of the top pockets.

Crochet hook roll:
I used the tutorial from PlanetJune: Roll-up Crochet hook case tutorial. The only thing I didn't do was the piping and the interfacing. It will fit lots of hooks and have a flap to cover them usually. As seen in the first picture, this roll has the same outer fabric as the needle roll.

Tapestry needle case:

This is actually of my own design!  It's really nice and very convenient. I definitely want to make one for myself :)

Boxy Bag:

Tutorial from Projectsbyjane: Lined zippered boxy pouch tutorial. I've never done anything like this before, and yes it was kinda challenging, but totally worth it! :)

Drawstring project tote:

This is another thing I created off the top off my head. I kinda used the tutorial from Kootoyoo: how to make a project tote for yarny types, but only as the basic shape for the bag. It's not lined or weighted like the one in that tutorial. I figured if she ever needs to have it weighted it wouldn't be hard to just put a beanbag or rock in the bottom of it, lol.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end! I'd appreciate any C&C you have to offer :) 
Please stay tuned for the tutorial which will be posted soon!

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